A Sense of Family

A Sense of Family

Tony Wittkowski
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Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 8:00am

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BENTON HARBOR - Diana King found her place at Whirlpool Corp. when she attended an event put on by one of the company’s oldest employee resource groups.

Years later, the training analyst became one of three co-leads for the Whirlpool African American Network after her first Jazz Night.

“We always try to pull new people in to get them to plan next year’s Jazz Night and that’s how I got pulled into the network,” said King, who is from Illinois. “The network gives me a sense of family. For me not being from the area, it was great having a place to go for dinner or during the holidays when you couldn’t make it home.”

The group, which serves as a platform for the home appliance maker’s African-American employees, was created in 1998.

The whole premise behind the network is to provide an atmosphere within Whirlpool and a culture within the company that supports each demographic.

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