Scotiabank Supports Children in Latin America Through Fútbol

Scotiabank Supports Children in Latin America Through Fútbol

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Learn about how @Scotiabank demonstrates their investment in the long-term social and economic prosperity of young people in Latin America through "fútbol" in their 2018 Sustainable Business Report.
Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - 8:00am

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Internationally, we leverage fútbol as a means to encourage positive youth development. Through our Scotiabank Fútbol Club programs, we reach over 450,000 kids across Latin American and the Caribbean. One of these programs is Campeonato Infantil (Youth Championships and Leagues), which runs across Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay and reaches over 25,000 children on over 1,800 community teams. 

Through another program, FútbolNet, in partnership with FC Barcelona Foundation, we held sports-based festivals in Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, Peru, El Salvador and Colombia in 2018. These festivals aim to foster the values of humility, effort, ambition, respect and teamwork among youth. Over the next four years, an additional 24 FútbolNet Festivals are being planned across six countries, expected to have a positive impact on more than 24,000 children.

We are also working to provide youth with more access to fútbol facilities and equipment. We have built a total of 11 community soccer fields across five countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay through our Campos de Fútbol program. To date, this program has benefitted more than 42,000 children.


In 2018, we worked with FOX Sports Latin America and National Geographic TV (NatGeo) to create SOÑANDO con el FÚTBOL, an
inspiring reality documentary series that encourages children in Latin America to develop their infinite potential through sport.

SOÑANDO con el FÚTBOL tells the story of 12 children from challenging socio-economic circumstances in Latin America and Canada. Three 30-minute episodes tell the children’s stories through interviews with them, their family members, teammates, coaches, school teachers and friends.

SOÑANDO con el FÚTBOL emphasizes the importance of integrity, determination, respect, passion, inclusion and teamwork and highlights the positive impact that soccer has had on the lives of these children, including academic performance and social skills.

Learn more about how Scotiabank is invested in the long-term social and economic prosperity of young people in their 2018 Sustainable Business Report.