Right of Way (ROW) Owners Allow the Bees to Tell Their Stories

Right of Way (ROW) Owners Allow the Bees to Tell Their Stories

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Thursday, July 5, 2018 - 9:30am



There are so many utilities and other right-of-way owners out there that are providing a commendable contribution to the environment and conservation, but the sustainability focus always seems to be on the "bigger" concerns, such as emissions or larger animals that people can relate to like a sweet manatee or a cute cougar cub. All of the good things that happen with right-of-way vegetation management remain unnoticed.

One of the top maintenance costs for utilities is the work that goes into maintaining vegetation, yet those practices that have a major contribution to sustainability are rarely captured. For example, the term integrated vegetation management (IVM), which utility vegetation managers have used for decades, is not commonly known or understood. This concept allows managers to plan work so that the utilities are protected from dangerous trees that may cause power outages. IVM also provides habitat for pollinators including bees.

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