Republic Services’ Use of CNG: A Cleaner, Quieter & Safer Fleet

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Republic Services’ Use of CNG: A Cleaner, Quieter & Safer Fleet

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.@RepublicService saved 21 million gallons of diesel fuel in 2015 by expanding #CNG fleet #CleanEnergy
Monday, September 19, 2016 - 11:10am

Republic Services exercises the utmost responsibility in their operations, including their expansive fleet. Republic is working hard to understand and measure their impact on air, land and water to minimize or eliminate any negative consequences, where possible.

Republic leverages alternative fuels and fleet innovation to help preserve the Blue Planet and has a resounding commitment to reduce carbon emissions whenever possible.

As the operator of the 8th largest vocational fleet in the country, Republic recognizes that one major contribution to greenhouse gas emissions originates with their fleet. Nationwide, they operate 15,600 recycling and waste collection vehicles that support 340 collection operations in 39 states and Puerto Rico.

Republic began deploying Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles in select markets in 2005 and have significantly expanded their CNG fleet over the past six years. By 2015, approximately 33% of the replacement vehicle purchases they made were vehicles powered by this clean, domestic fuel source.

Today, Republic proudly operates a fleet of nearly 2,500 CNG-powered vehicles. That represents approximately 16% of their entire fleet. To support this expanding fleet, they have installed 38 natural gas fueling stations at hauling divisions across the country.

Last year, their CNG fleet helped save roughly 21 million gallons of diesel fuel. Republic believes that by investing in CNG vehicles and technologies, they are creating a competitive advantage through improved air emissions, fuel savings and reduced operating noise in the communities they serve.

It also enables Republic to reduce their carbon footprint. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the carbon emissions reduction benefits from a new CNG collection truck that replaces an older diesel-powered truck is equal to removing three passenger vehicles from local roads for one year.

For more information about Republic’s CNG fleet, go to page 8 of the recently-released 2015 Sustainability Report at: