Republic Services of Colorado at Career Fair

Republic Services of Colorado at Career Fair

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An opportunity to interact with students, answer lots of great questions & more! via @RepublicService Colorado
Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 1:25pm

CAMPAIGN: Republic Services in the Community

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

In late October, Republic Services employees participated in a Career Fair at the Prairie View Middle School in Commerce City, Colorado. Republic, along with other companies from around the state, attended this Career Fair to talk about various occupations and career paths, and what areas of study to focus on during high school and college. This was an opportunity for professionals to interact with the students, answer lots of great questions, and teach the students about the various employers in their community. Republic representatives talked with the students about the use of compressed national gas (CNG) collection vehicles and landfill management, and the positive impacts on the environment. They also talked about the various jobs Republic is and will be hiring for, specifically the environmental engineering opportunities within our company.

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