Prepare for the Day You Step Away

Prepare for the Day You Step Away

Leadership succession for founders of Evergreen companies.

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"Prepare for the Day You Step Away" Don Shaffer shares tips for a smooth #leadership #succession plan @RSFSocFinance
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 9:50am

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by Don Shaffer

There are so many ways for CEO succession plans to go wrong. Sometimes the old CEO is not really ready to let go or the new CEO isn’t properly prepared to take the reins. There can be factions; there can be mutinies. Missed communications and hurt feelings can set a company back for months or crater it altogether.

I like to think that at RSF Social Finance, we got it right. Based in San Francisco, RSF has been a direct lender to social enterprises for more than 30 years. Our assets have grown over 40 percent in the past three years to $170 million, and we have made nearly $300 million in loans to 240 organizations.

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