Planning the Path to Green Business Success

Planning the Path to Green Business Success

How Business Planning Helps You Start and Grow Your Green Business
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Looking for green biz success? Get a business plan to make money and make a difference.


It’s hard to get anywhere without a map, and the business map to success is a great business plan.  A business plan clarifies your goals and how to achieve them, and can be essential to secure capital and loans.  Green businesses need a sound plan if they are to successfully help the environment and build profitable ventures.  Experts like Jim Horan (author of The One Page Business Plan), Mia Moore (, and Tim Cassidy (Green Business lay out how business plans help green businesses to succeed.  Get a plan and then get started with your own green business.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 1:07pm


It’s hard to get anywhere without a map, and the map that guides businesses to success is their business plan. Green businesses need a sound plan if they are to successfully help the environment and build profitable ventures.                                                             

In my book “Starting Green”, I talk about planning with experts like Jim Horan, author of The One Page Business Plan. Crafting a simple one page summary of your plans is often a good place to start, helping you understand in a simple but powerful way where your business is, where you want it to go, and how you can get there, including your vision, mission, objectives, strategies, and specific actions. 
A fully developed business plan is necessary for purposes like securing funding. As the founder of, Mia Moore suggests developing a basic Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How plan. “Then use the How part of the plan to figure out how to implement the process of making money from your talents,” says Moore. 
Tim Cassidy at Green-Business has extensive experience developing business plans, including a focus on green businesses. They have an extensive track record providing support for business owners and entrepreneurs that would like to expand their green business or establish a new venture, putting together plans, strategies, and funding for businesses in solar, wind, biofuels, clothing, cleaning, building, eco-travel, organic food, and many other fields.
When people come to Tim for help with funding their business, he often finds that working on their business plan is an essential first step, that the existing plan they’ve been showing to investors is lacking crucial elements or is too lengthy in others. Tim doesn’t sugarcoat things, providing direct constructive criticism about your plan to get the results you need such as securing investment. 
One of Tim’s clients, Neco Energy Solutions, LLC needed a business plan for its commercial grade wind farm development, plus support in business development such as its long term land leases. “Tim and his staff completed our business plan for wind farms ahead of schedule. It has been an invaluable piece in helping us get funded. I would hire and use his team again and again,” said Dan Cardillo, CEO, NECO Energy Solutions LLC.
VolcanWall, manufacturer of sustainable wall systems, needed a business plan to expand US operations worldwide, and Tim worked with Chairman Barry Blomquist to make it happen. “As the Founder and CEO of a small company with a new green building technology, I have found Tim Cassidy and his business plan creation company to be a pleasure to work with. He delivered prompt services and created a true sense of fulfillment in the development of the company’s plan, and they have consistently followed up with assistance and advice in the implementation of the plan.”
I’m sure Tim can help your business as well, and he provides a free initial consultation. Get in touch if you need help planning the path to grow your business and realize your dreams of green business success. 
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Glenn Croston is the author of “Starting Green” and “75 Green Businesses”, and the founder of, helping green businesses to get started and grow.



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