OSHA’s New GHS Rules: Stay Ahead and Stay Compliant

OSHA’s New GHS Rules: Stay Ahead and Stay Compliant

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Meet the Safety Data Sheet Deadline

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 - 11:30am

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As regulatory standards increase with growing global markets, companies are beginning to be required to increase their efforts in supplying better information to their employees. As the increase of exposure to hazardous materials becomes more prominent within the workplace, companies are required to provide much more information on the safety procedure and protocol.  OSHA recently provided information on the most common violations and those violations fall under the Hazard Communication. As the date nears for all companies to adopt the conversion from MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) to SDS (Safety Data Sheet) companies are required to abide by all required efforts in order to comply with the new regulations. Staying Complaint with OSHA on New GHS Rules, an article written by Chris Palmisano of the Industrial Distribution, he explains, although companies are taking necessary steps to inform their employees of hazard communication, he forewarns that “there are more important challenges to compliance” that safety Managers may not realize.  To avoid this, Chris says:

“The best way to explain how employers can effectively comply with the new GHS rules is to first break things down into two categories:  Employer Responsibilities and Manufacturer/Distributor Responsibilities”

Employers are becoming aware if they have not trained their staff on new GHS regulations, this means they are already in violation, and puts them at great risk of being cited. What employers need to know is that the transition, although a lengthy process can be established in a matter of time and is structured for a smooth transition.

“The greater challenge for employers is having a workplace labeling system in place by June 1st of 2016. The old HMIS system is just that, old and out dated. Globally, HMIS is not a requirement on an SDS and serves only to confuse employees, causing them to take the easy ways out. Your workplace labeling system must be easy to use and must convey need to know hazard information that is globally acknowledged to keep employees safe.”

The reoccurring idea here is to be up to date and ready for the full conversions come June 2016. The idea here is to be informative and compliant and in order to do these there needs to be assisted and fluid process. Director of Customer Support Services, Scott Hepner of Source Intelligence will be diving into much more detail on how to be prepared in our “Act Now To Be Compliant” Webinar. Register here to be in the know and ahead of the deadline.