New Corporate Citizen Magazine Offers Audacious Goals Set and Achieved with 20/20 Vision

New Corporate Citizen Magazine Offers Audacious Goals Set and Achieved with 20/20 Vision

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New Corporate Citizen Magazine from @BCCCC shows how companies set & achieve goals with 20/20 vision

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 12:25pm

At our upcoming conference, we will convene some of the greatest minds in CSR to create a blueprint for designing compelling corporate citizenship goals with 20/20 vision. When you attend, you'll hear from leaders including Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell, management practice advisor and MIT professor Don Sull, and futurist Alexis Madrigal to spur your thinking about how to work smarter, see further, and maximize opportunities. Each speaker brings a unique perspective to help you think differently and achieve your vision. 

While at the conference, you can learn from—and also influence—more than 600 of your peers. We hope that you'll join us in Austin to take part in this discussion, but you don't have to wait until April to learn more about how audacious goals and the careful use of data can drive CSR success; you can read about it now in the most recent issue of the Corporate Citizenship magazine. In this issue: 

  • Executive perspectives on the future of corporate citizenship, how resource allocation is expected to increase, and how success is achieved with corporate citizenship integration.
  • The increasing focus on consumer data protection and privacy as a corporate citizenship issue, and what CSR practitioners can do now to help their companies avoid a breach and potentially save tens of billions of dollars.
  • The potential of employee wellness plans to drive business and social value by not only increasing health and wellness, but also engagement and productivity, all while controlling costs.
  • Executive voices on the importance of corporate citizenship. Gain insight from Dell’s Chairman and CEO Michael Dell; State Street’s Chairman and CEO Jay Hooley; Kimberly-Clark’s Chairman and CEO Thomas J. Falk; and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella. 
  • The ways in which Intel Corporation and Northrop Grumman are prioritizing diversity and inclusion for future success.
  • How UPS, CSX, and American Airlines are committing to aggressive carbon reduction goals, and the ways in which they are meeting—and even exceeding—them.
  • The investment companies like Texas Instruments and Alcoa are making in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education now to ensure future skilled workers.
  • The innovative ways Bloomberg L.P. and TIAA-CREF are bringing values-based investing to the masses.
  • Nike’s groundbreaking LAUNCH program, which aims to identify and solve sustainability issues through an open innovation platform.

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