New Agency & a New Focus. New U.K. Group to Help in Corruption and Bribery Issues.

New Agency & a New Focus. New U.K. Group to Help in Corruption and Bribery Issues.

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#UK is taking #corruption & #bribery very seriously by introducing a new agency to fight the issue. @sourceintel
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 1:30pm

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The world of corruption enforcement is increasing. As countries begin to be more developmental in the market place, more agencies are being created in order track their ethical business practices. This is to ensure that global business is being led in the right direction, ethically. According to Samuel Rubenfeld of the Wall Street Journal, he writes of a new U.K. government agency that will investigate cases of international corruption, specifically those that are happening in developing countries.

“The International Corruption Unit will merge existing investigation and intelligence units spread across several agencies, including the National Crime Agency, as well as Metropolitan and City of London police. It will be operated by the National Crime Agency, with funding from the Department for International Development, and it will be the central point for investigating international corruption in the U.K.”

It is quite clear that the U.K. is sending a strong message to those companies who think they are able to get away with unethical business practice, only because the country they are about to do business in is still developing. The message is up front and straightforward and the U.K. is taking a zero tolerance stance on overseas corruption and bribery.

As resources begin being pulled together, in the joint effort of combatting corruption, companies need to increase the efforts on their behalf as well, especially when doing business overseas. Company expansion into new markets is inevitable, but making sure it is doing it under the proper rules and regulations that come along with proper business ethics is a must for any company. To learn more on how the U.K. Bribery Act and other global regulation can affect your business operations overseas, click here.