NRG Energy’s Sustainable Suppliers Goals and Performance

NRG Energy’s Sustainable Suppliers Goals and Performance

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 9:05am

CAMPAIGN: NRG Energy 2016 Sustainability Report

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In today’s global economy, virtually no organization
is fully vertically integrated. This makes sustainability relevant across a company’s entire value chain. After setting an ambitious goal addressing downstream avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions, NRG is one of the first in its industry to include its supply chain
as part of its internal sustainability commitments. Not only does this make sense in terms of improving social and environmental responsibility upstream, it also makes strong business sense because sustainable supply chains are inherently more efficient, transparent and resilient.

Organizations in other sectors that engaged their suppliers on sustainability invariably generated cost savings in the process. Corporate buyers are extending their sustainability commitments to suppliers like us, and sectors are developing standards and frameworks for the sourcing and distribution of their products. Supply chain management and transparency is increasingly integral to business and sustainability strategy. Enhanced disclosure regarding our supply chain will help us reduce costs, mitigate risk, ensure business success and safeguard our reputation.

We recently initiated a materiality assessment to uncover risks and opportunities within our multi-billion dollar supply chain. The assessment will cover all major categories of procurement spending, including fuels, generation equipment, engineering, procurement and construction. We’ll also become the rst major power producer to participate in CDP’s supply chain program, which will enable us for the first time to establish an upstream emissions and water footprint. The insights gained will help guide our e orts to reduce risks, enhance e fficiency and create business value.

Download NRG Energy’s Sustainability Report here.

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