My Life Now: A Wish Kid Reflects

My Life Now: A Wish Kid Reflects

10 years ago, Make-A-Wish® granted Bryce's wish to have a bass-fishing boat
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Ten years ago, Bryce, now 23, had a wish granted from @MakeAWish that motivated him through his last chemo session:
Friday, February 13, 2015 - 10:00am

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More than ten years ago, Make-A-Wish® granted Bryce’s wish to have a bass-fishing boat. Now, Bryce is a 23-year-old graduate and still fondly recalls what his wish meant to him.

At 13, Bryce was in the hospital for chemotherapy treatments and missing the freedom of being outdoors and going fishing. He decided to purposefully schedule his wish day for the day after he finished chemotherapy. This way, he had something to look forward to while he was in the hospital.

“Making it through cancer is all about keeping your spirits up and staying positive,” Bryan, a healthy 23-year-old, says. “Make-A-Wish was a big part of that.”

Bryce recently earned his degree in Professional Golf Management and is working toward his goal of being a professional golfer in Washington, D.C.

“Golf and fishing are one in the same,” Bryan says. “Everything just disappears.”

Bryce also recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of his last chemotherapy session. He continues to set goals and give himself things to look forward to.

 “Cancer was life changing to say the least … it was an awful feeling,” he says, “But then there was this wish granted – this one thing. It was just remarkable.”

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