More Ethanol Could Reduce GHG ​Emissions ​By 14 Percent, New Study Shows

More Ethanol Could Reduce GHG ​Emissions ​By 14 Percent, New Study Shows

by Antonio Pasolini
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Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 8:00am



There has always been a controversy around the ethanol in relation to its environmental credentials. Detractors say it could actually be worse than fossil fuel while supporters ​claim that​, by and large, it ​can help ​clean​ up transportation​, a major source of emissions that cause global warming.

​​A new study corroborates the latter view that ethanol is actually cleaner and could help reduce emissions​. It recommends policy-makers deploy high-octane E20 fuel and vehicles with E20 optimised engines to reach transport emissions targets by 2030 and beyond to 2050.

Compiled by global consultancy Ricardo Energy & Environment, it has found that if Europe increased its use of ethanol, its transport network could see a reduction of 14.1 percent in terms of emissions, even after possible land use change (ILUC) emissions have been taken into account.

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