Minerals Traceability Questions? Expert Answers LIVE Chat

Minerals Traceability Questions? Expert Answers LIVE Chat

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Minerals Traceability Questions? Source Intelligence Expert Answers LIVE Chat http://3bl.me/749r5p
Wednesday, September 10, 2014 - 12:30pm

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One of Source Intelligence’s conflict minerals experts, Tristan Mechum, will be featured on Triple Pundits panel of experts Q&A for “3p Traceability Week” from Wednesday, September 10 to Tuesday, September 16. The panel of experts will be discussing traceability in the supply chain in three controversial areas: seafood, fashion and minerals.  

Source Intelligence, the leading provider of conflict minerals compliance solutions, has been entrusted with hundreds of global brands’ compliance needs in determining the use of conflict minerals. Tristan Mecham, a Director at Source Intelligence, has interacted with suppliers on a global scale for a multitude of initiatives—from carbon foot printing and labor practices to, most recently, conflict minerals. The company is featuring a complimentary webinar for The Conflict Minerals Big Picture.

“Supply chain traceability can make a positive impact for businesses because traceability will provide them with the information to take action,” commented Tristan Mecham. “The biggest challenge is knowing how to interact with suppliers so that they willingly collaborate with us. We enable them with the education and tools that they need so that they can provide the information necessary to understand where materials are coming from, and the business practices that they are conducting.”

Source Intelligence is honored to join Triple Pundit to get the conversation started on the complex issues of traceability within supply chains.  Find out more about this upcoming event and RSVP here.


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