MetLife Foundation's Annual Report on Financial Inclusion - Pillar 1: Access & Knowledge

MetLife Foundation's Annual Report on Financial Inclusion - Pillar 1: Access & Knowledge

Increasing low- income families’ readiness, willingness, and ability to engage with the financial sector..

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Monday, June 22, 2015 - 10:25am

CAMPAIGN: Financial Inclusion

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MetLife Military Veteran’s Network (MVET) introduced the Foundation to VeteransPlus, a national not-for-profit serving veterans and active duty military personnel.

VeteransPlus is using their MetLife Foundation grant to create a digital platform enabling VeteransPlus counselors to track veterans’ progress towards financial goals like reducing debt, managing their families’ funds while deployed, and saving for the future. The digital technology supports remote delivery of financial counseling, which costs a fraction of face-to-face sessions.

One of the major challenges to financial inclusion is finding cost-effective ways to deliver the kind of personalized financial coaching that, for adults, appears to hold more promise than classroom-based financial education. The partnership gives MetLife Foundation and VeteransPlus an opportunity both to serve the veteran community and to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of alternative delivery channels for financial coaching.

MetLife Foundation supports financial inclusion efforts around the world. Financial inclusion means households and businesses have convenient access to a full suite of quality, affordable financial services, delivered by trustworthy providers with respect for the customer. 

To read more about MetLife Foundation's work in financial inclusion, please see our 2014 Annual Report at


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