Meet Nathalie Mattys from Belgium

Meet Nathalie Mattys from Belgium

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Meet Nathalie Matthys from Belgium! She is a part of the #AmgenTeach community. Learn more:

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - 8:20am

CAMPAIGN: Amgen Teach


School: ENCBW

Subject and Grade Taught: Chemistry, Teaching to in-training students

Years Teaching: 20

Year in Amgen Teach Community: 1

Participation in Amgen Teach Program: National Training


"I participated in Amgen Teach because I wa invited and I found the subject very interesting and important for the students. Amgen Teach has enhanced my confidence and ability to use inquiry-based education in my classroom. I was already sometimes working by inquiry but Amgen Teach give me new ideas, in enzymology for example.

The proposed original experiments forced the students to use another way of thinking. They must engage to resolve the problem. They also had to change theirs representations about teaching: yes it is possible to practice inquiry-based science education.

On the first day we used specific materiel they had never seen : it was simply "propipettes" to take micro volumes of products. Later they used a spectrometer. It was amazing to see the student eyes blinking; they said "trop génial", "super", "c'est top" (in French).

Amgen Teach has increased my confidence to try this way of teaching, given me practical ideas, and brough pleasure to teaching sciences."

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