Marlin Mine partners with CanEducate to multiply youth opportunities

Marlin Mine partners with CanEducate to multiply youth opportunities

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.@Goldcorp_Inc's Marlin Mine partners with CanEducate to multiply youth opportunities
Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 6:30pm


September in North America means back to school for most students. Goldcorp believes education is one of the best ways to create lasting positive benefits in the communities where we live and work. In this second of a series of stories highlighting some of our recent educational initiatives, learn about a unique elementary school program for children living near Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine in Guatemala.

On February 19, 2015, Goldcorp employees, family members, local citizens and officials from the communities of San Miguel Ixtahuacán and Sipacapa attended the launch event of a joint endeavor by Goldcorp’s Marlin Mine and CanEducate Alliance: a pilot program funded by Goldcorp for primary school children to instill a desire to learn from an early age and provide 150 scholarships for ongoing studies.

The dual purpose is to link education, Goldcorp employees and the community, creating connections "between you and your colleagues, and within yourselves," says Dominique Ramírez, Goldcorp's head of Corporate Social Responsibility in Central and South America.

CanEducate is a Canadian charity that began working in the African countries of Tanzania and Zambia, and has since expanded to Guatemala. Goldcorp, having funded school buildings, computer labs, teachers, training programs and high-school scholarships in Guatemala over the past decade, recognized CanEducate as an ideal partner to create even more sustainable legacies.

“We share their philosophy that education is a powerful gateway that can help young people build the foundation for a successful future,” says Brent Bergeron, Goldcorp's Executive VP for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability.

Compounding Success

At the program launch, Silvana Lossi, Human Resources Manager at Marlin mine, spoke of the power of this future potential, for community sustainability as well as global citizenry. “Having a child is an act of hope, because you always strive to make them better people," she told parents, while encouraging students to make the most of this opportunity and "spare no efforts to improve each day."

Due to the strong bonds developed with local families over the past decade, Marlin’s Community Relations team will help identify youth who will benefit most from educational assistance and scholarships, “With a view to reducing social inequalities and providing opportunities for young people," says Werner Tánchez, Marlin’s Manager of Sustainable Development.

Other successful educational initiatives by Goldcorp in Guatemala include recruiting, training and paying teachers, subsidizing kindergarten to grade 12 students and helping boost school enrolment in many communities by 82 per cent.

To learn more about Goldcorp’s positive academic impact worldwide, see page 10 in the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of Above Ground Magazine or filter using the Education tag on our blog.

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