Lessons Strangers Teach Me- A JetBlue Blog

Lessons Strangers Teach Me- A JetBlue Blog

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Thursday, January 22, 2015 - 1:00pm


For the past 30 days, I’ve  traveled to 32 cities in 17 states – from Burlington to California – to visit our JetBlue crewmembers and celebrate our 10th J.D. Power Award for customer satisfaction. It’s been the most hectic and enjoyable experience of my life! Our crewmembers work hard to provide exceptional customer service every day, and they deserve to spend time with this prestigious award! And I’m proud to be the one to bring it to them.

When I travel to these cities and talk to crewmember, strangers become friends.  As I look back to the places I’ve been, it’s a blur of airports, hotels, and taxi rides.  However, I’ll never forget the lessons I’ve learned by getting to know strangers. Visiting one city a day has made it easier to distinguish what’s unique about the places where JetBlue flies. Each city has a special identity and culture– defined by things like skylines, landscapes, food, weather, and even accents!

In San Jose, CA, I learned to be mindful of my contributions to the environment.  Crewmembers taught me to carry my BPA free (toxic free) water bottle and to re-fill it at the water fountain.  Back home I’m guilty of using a paper cup every time I drink water!

In Austin, TX, I learned you don’t need plates to eat good family-style BBQ.  We dined at a delicious BBQ restaurant and instead of plates we received sheets of wax paper for our brisket, ribs, and potatoes.  We sat on picnic tables while enjoying delicious food and even better company. You don’t need a fancy place to enjoy a hearty delicious meal.

In Providence, RI, I learned you don’t have to be a big city to have a lot to offer.  The food scene in Providence is surprisingly diverse – with Italian, Dominican, and Portuguese influences making even a simple breakfast an explosion of flavors. I never thought eating chorizo on Portuguese sweet bread could make such an amazing first meal of the day!

In Burlington, VT, I learned any object can have a second life by upcycling.  Artists in Vermont utilize vintage maple spout taps and residue wood to create beautiful pieces of art.

In Buffalo, NY I learned a lot of snow doesn’t have to ruin your plans for the day. You can wear a coat and boots, and still go about your day and enjoy the best Buffalo wings anywhere.

Detroit, MI, taught me not to believe everything I hear about a city.  I was pleased to experience the Detroit renaissance and experience the pride and optimism of its people .

In Pittsburgh, PA, I learned about Andy Warhol’s influence on pop culture – or vice versa –  it’s debatable!.  Art wakes up our creativity and reminds us of the importance of self-expression.

Each of the cities I have visited has been a special experience for me.  Watching the architectural wonders (Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge), savoring the local food (Boston clam chowder, Tampa Cuban sandwich), and reading about the history of each city has helped me understand more about them.  However, the best way to get to know the “soul” of the places you visit is by talking to the locals. This country is a vibrant mosaic of wonderful people from which I’ve enriched my cultural IQ.

Next up I’ll visit our international cities which I know will allow me the opportunity to learn about so many places I’ve only dreamed of visiting.  I look forward to spending time with our crewmembers and business partners there. After all, they are the ambassadors for their BlueCities and the cultural DNA of  the JetBlue identity.


About the  author – Judy Sierra has the best job in the world. She’s a JetBlue crewmember and was selected to travel with our 10th J.D. Power Award to all 87 cities JetBlue flies to in 90 days.

A listing of her recent posts can be found here - http://blog.jetblue.com/index.php/author/judy/

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