Kohler Sustainability Champion Dives Into Reducing Restaurant Waste

Kohler Sustainability Champion Dives Into Reducing Restaurant Waste

Server finds that small changes in restaurant processes add up to waste (and cost) savings.

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Monday, March 2, 2015 - 1:00pm

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We Believe You Can Always Ask for More Bread

You’re out for dinner. Ah, the bread basket arrives. Mmm. But when you’re done with your fill, did you know that the rest is tossed in another type of basket? (That would be the trash kind.)

Our server-turned-sustainability-snoop Melissa Crane set out to prevent this kind of waste (and money in the garbage) at Kohler’s Italian restaurant.

She took her investigative cap to the front lines and observed everyday processes. For example, she noticed too much parmesan cheese and bread left at the table, coffeemakers on but not in use, and even that to-go-order spoon most likely unused.

Small things added up fast. Her list of recommended changes saved the restaurant tens of thousands of dollars—and reduced waste.

“It’s really about changing behavior, which can be challenging in a busy restaurant,” she explained. “We walk a fine line of trying to be more sustainable, but in a way that enhances or has no effect on our guests’ experience.”

After all, you can always ask for more bread, right?

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