Kimberly-Clark’s “Certified” Sustainability Hero

Kimberly-Clark’s “Certified” Sustainability Hero

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Meet @KCCorp's “Certified” #Sustainability Hero committed to protecting #forests
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 8:00am

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As one of the world’s largest buyers of market pulp, Kimberly-Clark knows that protecting our forests is critical to addressing climate change, conserving terrestrial biodiversity and ensuring a resilient, healthy supply chain.

To help achieve these significant goals, Kimberly-Clark celebrates the Crystal Tree Awards, the company’s highest internal recognition for leadership in driving social and environmental impacts that make our communities and workplaces better for future generations to come.

This year, the company awarded a Sustainability Hero Award to a Kimberly-Clark employee who went “above and beyond" to reduce our natural forest footprint while also increasing our use of environmentally-preferred fibers such as FSC®-certified fibers.

Adi Chindhy, Global Director of Fiber Procurement, was nominated for his team’s work in driving purchases of Forest Stewardship Council or FSC®-certified fiber from 7% in 2006, to 80% in 2015, positioning Kimberly-Clark as a global leader in responsible fiber purchasing and use.  The team negotiated pulp supply agreements which helped meet the company’s sustainability and financial targets.

“Having the ability to partner with our suppliers to ensure the materials going into our products are sourced sustainably is both humbling and inspiring,” said Chindhy. “Whenever we can, we’re working together to find ways to reduce our impact and protect our environment from source to shelf.”

FSC certification is seen as the “Gold Standard” to achieve positive environmental and social impacts such as improved water quality, economic growth and an enhanced infrastructure across communities located near forests.

For example, Adi and his team championed an initiative in North America that put the FSC logo on 95% of our tissue products to further raise awareness to consumers about sustainable choices. Our commitment to sustainable forestry practices has helped protect our business in Southeast Asia during a time when key customers disassociated with organizations linked to regional forest fires that blanket countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in haze nearly every year.

“Caring is one of our company values, and caring about the future of our environment and communities is absolutely essential to all of us at Kimberly-Clark,” said Sylvia Wilks, vice president and chief procurement officer. “Adi’s leadership is a great example of how all our employees, no matter where they sit or work in our company, are actively seizing opportunities to make positive, lasting changes that will be felt by future generations.”

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