Kimberly-Clark Makes Bet on Bamboo and Straw

Kimberly-Clark Makes Bet on Bamboo and Straw

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New GreenHarvest line from @KCCorp uses straw and bamboo for more renewable paper products via @NYtimes
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 9:00am

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A company plans to roll out a new line of tissues and paper towels this month that incorporates wheat straw and bamboo, which it hopes will provide a rapidly renewable and environmentally friendly source of fiber for its products while giving farmers a new market for what remains after the grain is harvested.

Kimberly-Clark Professional, which manufactures Kleenex and Scott brand products, says the new GreenHarvest line will blend in 20 percent wheat straw, which it hopes will ease demand for the tree fiber and recycled paper it already uses. It will help conserve natural resources and address what the Dallas-based company expects will be dwindling supplies of recycled paper.

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