It Takes More Than a Village

It Takes More Than a Village

By Melissa Jun Rowley
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#Wireless tech is improving the livelihoods of fishermen/women in Senegal. Learn more: @QCwirelessreach
Tuesday, December 6, 2016 - 1:10pm

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Where there is wireless connectivity, there is a way to improve lives. That’s why countless mobile-for-development programs designed to address health, education and economic issues have been flooding Africa. Presently hailed as the “mobile continent,” Africa has generated $150 billion through the mobile ecosystem, and its mobile subscribers have surpassed half a billion. But not every tech-for-good initiative can be M-PESA, the juggernaut mobile money system of Kenya.

Most tech-driven social impact solutions in Africa are suffering from a bad case of pilotitus, the state of existing in perpetual pilot stage.

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