Intel Announces All Products Will Be Conflict Free by the End of 2015

Intel Announces All Products Will Be Conflict Free by the End of 2015

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Intel Announces All Products Will Be Conflict Free by the End of 2015. #conflictminerals #conflictfree
Friday, October 31, 2014 - 10:30am

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In a recent post by Mashable, who has partnered with Intel to explore and raise awareness of the growing conflict minerals issue, Intel’s goal of a conflict free supply chain in 2016 was announced. Intel’s COO, Brian Krzanich, stated that instead of removing their sourcing from this region completely, “we made a commitment to continue sourcing from the region, but to figure out a way to do so in a verifiable, clean, responsible way.”

Further in an interview, the CEO made clear that Intel will require all their suppliers to be conflict free AND have a corporate responsibility program and improvement plan in place or they will no longer be suppliers to a Intel.

"Suppliers that want to stay on the 'approved supplier list' for global brands like Intel are responding proactively", commented Lina Ramos, Chief Business Officer and EVP at Source Intelligence, the supply chain transparency company recently referred to as the "LinkedIn of Supply Chain" management in a recent Financial Times Special Report. "The enrollment in our Conflict Minerals Resource Center which offers education and training tools to global brands and their suppliers has exploded." continued Ramos, "What's surprising is that some of our largest clients are EU-based and non-issuing companies that are not required to file a Form SD with the SEC. For these clients, it's not about compliance with the law. These clients have come to Source Intelligence to be a part of our supplier network and implement  programs that protect their revenue streams. They don't want to end up on an Intel-like 'do not use list'." 

While Intel is mainly a technology company, a unified approach from all industries is necessary to help push for actions to reach conflict-free initiatives.  This growing motion towards an ethical and conflict free supply chain aims at curtailing violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and surrounding countries.

According to Mashable, an integral part of a conflict free supply chain is for consumers to be aware of conflict minerals fueling violence in the DRC, and for publically traded companies to have an ethical supply chain, by complying with the conflict free sourcing regulation.

This regulation began under the Securities Exchange Commission when they “passed a law stating U.S. regulated manufacturers had to publically report whether they were purchasing conflict minerals.” In order for companies to have a transparent supply chain; they must start implementing a conflict minerals program internally or externally.

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