HEINEKEN USA’s Sustainability Efforts At a Glance

HEINEKEN USA’s Sustainability Efforts At a Glance

Highlights from HEINEKEN USA’s Sustainability Report

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.@HeinekenUSACorp reduced fleet emissions by 12% in 2014. Read more at: http://bit.ly/1MVJjPG
Monday, November 23, 2015 - 9:45am

CAMPAIGN: HEINEKEN USA's Sustainability Campaigns

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Sustainability has been an integral part of HEINEKEN’s business operations throughout its 150 year history and today it is one of HEINEKEN’s six business priorities. HEINEKEN USA’s 2014 Sustainability Report details the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts including reducing fleet emissions by 12%, actively engaging employees on sustainability and encouraging responsible consumption in the market.

Our sustainability commitments come to life through its Brewing a Better World Program, the company’s long-term approach to creating shared, sustainable value in six areas that it can impact directly: Protecting water resources; Reducing CO2 emissions; Sourcing sustainably; Advocating responsible consumption; Promoting health and safety; and Growing with communities. To read more about how HEINEKEN USA is brewing a better world visit: http://heinekenusa.com/brewing-better-world/more-information/