Global Businesses are Making a Difference on #SDG5 - Gender Equality

Global Businesses are Making a Difference on #SDG5 - Gender Equality

Getty Images SDG 5 - Gender Equality

Every Women Every Child

Working Parent Support Coalition: Clinton Global Intiative

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Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 12:30pm

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This week, Global Sourcing Council's 17 Weeks for 17 SDGs Intiative explores Goal 5 with examples of action from organizations and businesses to ensure gender equality and empower all women and girls.

The Global Challenge:

Women and girls around the world struggle to exercise their rights, face discrimination and violence, receive unequal pay for equal work, and are underrepresented in power and decision-making roles. As entrepreneurs and workers, they are economically disadvantaged and face legal barriers. Empowering women strengthens democracy, contributes to innovation, and increases diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. It is key to attracting talent, thus advancing companies’ growth and competitiveness in the global marketplace.

The Business Opportunity:

Companies that focus on women’s empowerment show increases in productivity, organizational effectiveness, return on investment and consumer satisfaction. A growing number of business leaders are adapting their policies, programmes and initiatives to create environments where women and girls thrive. A March 2016 survey shows that investors are already supporting many of the SDGs, with 70% of respondents currently taking action on gender equality and empowering girls and women. We urge business leaders to help close gaps in opportunity for all women and girls, opening the doors of opportunity for women and for businesses everywhere.

Click Here to Find Examples of How to Take Action such as:

  • Identify Gender Equality Challenges in your Supply Chain: Sustainalytics, Peterson Institutes for International Economics, Intel and UN Human Development Report
  • Align your Workplace with Best Practices: UN Global Compact
  • Learn from Leaders Taking Action on SDG 5: Ooredoo, Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley adn Nestle
  • Collaborate with NGOs and Other Companies: Every Women Every Child, L'Occitane Foundation and Working Parent Support Coalition
  • Join the Sustainable Sourcing Community: Become a GSC Member to Drive Results
  • Highlight your Work for Women's Empowerment in Sourcing: Apply Today for 2016 3S Awards [2015 Winner Video: SHE]
  • Attend an Upcoming Event on Sustainable Business and SDGs

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