Getting Mobile with Anti-Corruption

Getting Mobile with Anti-Corruption

Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 9:30am

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As corruption is becoming a bigger topic of discussion around the global community, private and public industries are becoming more innovative in their efforts on combatting such a threat. In other countries such as India, the corruption rate was seen climbing as officials and private industries would conduct business deals behind closed doors. India has been ranked high for corruption activity to occur but is seeing its fair share of methods to combat this. Director of the Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau, Pravin Dixit, has been an active supporter of the anti-corruption efforts.  They have been working on ways to combat the problem so that the citizens of India have a more direct way of notifying the authorities. As more companies flock to India to generate new business, India’s infrastructure becomes more involved in global trade and more vulnerable to government lead corruption cases. Niti Central, an Indian based news outlet, released exciting news on the efforts being taken by Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau to combat corruption. This agency is going mobile and helping to get local citizens, who have access to smart phones, be able to contact authorities if signs of corruption are taking place.

“Through this mobile application, a victim can submit video, audio and digital files with just a click. It (the application) will hopefully reduce the gap significantly between the victims and the ACB officials,”

Once this application is launched its focus is to create awareness to enable a crowd-sourced ability to report corruption.

“In the current networked society, if the way of functioning of a public serving office is not upgraded with the technology, one cannot serve the public effectively,”

With the growth of technology, it is very much a requirement to be sure the proper methods are being used, and governments are using the latest in technology to best serve the people.

The majority of the population in India operates from a smart/cellular phone, which would make this type of program ideal for anyone within the country. Steps such as these are what are required; if the end goal is to get corruption, out of the public/private sector. Source Intelligence understands this and is working with both public and private entities to get this problem, both under control and ultimately taken away. As things grow more increasingly mobile, having a platform that self assess, implements, and monitors for possible vulnerabilities becomes a necessity for any private and public entity. For a complimentary review of your anti-corruption program and a chance to see how Source Intelligence enables mobility and functionality, click here: