GRC Analyst Web Briefing Features Source Intelligence “Best in Class” Platform

GRC Analyst Web Briefing Features Source Intelligence “Best in Class” Platform

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GRC analyst web briefing features Source Intelligence “Best in Class” Platform. @sourceintel
Friday, October 9, 2015 - 4:50pm

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Moving forward and advancing in the world is inevitable. The manual way of doing things is quickly being replaced with technology and with a more superior process.  As companies find ways to enhance their capabilities in their global markets, they are quickly identifying what solutions are making their processes, with regard to world wide regulatory compliance, a much more manageable and streamlined practice.

Companies throughout the world are being told to increase their visibility within their supply chains. This has a myriad of positive implications for a company. They are able to stand apart from their industry peers, gain positive favor from the consumer markets and ensure their supply chains remain undisrupted and healthy.

With the multitude of suppliers that companies purchase from and rely on, there has to be a more succinct and effective methodology for ensuring 3rd party and supply chain risk management. The GRC 20/20 Innovation Award focuses on innovative and forward thinking technology that helps companies manage, monitor, and rectify possible supply chain risk issues.

GRC 20/20 said Source Intelligence provides a “compelling offering for managing risk and compliance in organizations with complex and distributed third party relationships.”

Source Intelligence’s innovation rests with its cloud-based platform of information sharing and analytics that simplify supply chain transparency and traceability. GRC 20/20 said it “particularly sees the innovation in user experience as the solution makes it intuitive to manage supply chain risks and leverages the information gathered from others to provide 360° contextual awareness of third party relationships and the risk to the organization.”

Source Intelligence is honored to announce that we are the recipients of this prestigious award and have been given the privilege of hosting Michael Rasmussen, founder of GRC 20/20, in an exclusive webinar interview. He will explain the:

  • Challenges and trends in 3rd party/supply chain risk management
  • Tools in helping suppliers in a 3rd party supply chain risk management platform
  • Supplier empowerment and turning quality data in meaningful supplier networks

To reserve your seat and be a part of this ground-breaking discussion, click here