Fun and Pump-Practical: Chevy Debuts Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel

Fun and Pump-Practical: Chevy Debuts Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel

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Fun and Pump-Practical: Chevy Debuts Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013 - 11:00am

CAMPAIGN: GM Greener Vehicles


Chevrolet is offering a 2.0L turbo-diesel version of its hottest-selling sedan, the Cruze, for the 2014 model year. It will be the cleanest diesel passenger car engine ever produced by General Motors.

Chevy Marketing VP Chris Perry says the diesel engine fills an important role in the brand’s diverse four-cylinder lineup. He believes it’s primed to win over diesel devotees and compact-car buyers with its performance, torque and fuel economy.

“We leveraged engineering expertise from around the globe to develop a world-class, low-emissions engine to give U.S. and Canadian customers a car that’s both fun to drive and practical at the pump,” Perry said.

Clean diesel generates at least 90 percent less nitrogen oxide and particulate emissions when compared to previous-generation diesels. Expected emissions will be below the strict U.S. diesel environmental emission standards.

We ensured our environmentally conscious customers don’t lose performance with fuel efficiency gains. Based on our testing, the Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel has demonstrated estimated best-in-segment range and an estimated 42 mpg on the highway with spirited performance and durability diesel owners value around the globe.

We believe the keys to developing sustainable transportation are energy alternatives and advanced technologies that help reduce dependency on petroleum, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Cruze Clean Turbo Diesel provides yet another customer choice along that path.

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