Francesca Furzi - Going from Gold to Green with the CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit

Francesca Furzi - Going from Gold to Green with the CurrentState™ Sustainability Audit

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Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 3:15pm

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(3BL Media) Tulsa, OK - April 19, 2012 - Francesca Furzi, a luxury jeweler located in Turin, Italy has recently completed the CurrentState Sustainability Audit.  

The Client’s Challenge

Francesca Furzi is an industrial designer and the owner of Francesca Furzi luxury jewelry line. She was born in Tuscany, grew artistically in Rome, and then professionally in major design studios of well-known automotive company.  Each jewel she designs is influenced by a journey incorporating the art of sculpture, the concreteness of the technical sketch, the harmony of vehicle shapes, the world of fashion, but also by history and other cultures. Much like her dedication to art, sculpture, culture and fashion, she wants her company to find that same harmony with nature and the environment. The most important green drivers for Francesca Furzi are social responsibility and enhanced reputation.  The luxury jewelry industry is not known for a strong commitment to the environment or sustainability.  By becoming dedicated to sustainability, Francesca Furzi distinguishes itself and puts it into a class of its own.

Diagnostic Findings

Francesca Furzi completed the Small Business version of CurrentState and chose to complete all three modules - Green IT, Business and Facilities. The CurrentState Findings Report identified over 100 specific Quick Win opportunities as well as dozens of longer-term recommendations.  The Quick Wins and recommendations cover all areas of operations.

“CurrentState was very easy to complete.  We were able to submit our information through the internet at our own pace.” Ramon Ginah, CFO Francesca Furzi.

Green IT

The findings showed that Francesca Furzi is making good use of technology to increase connectivity and to take unnecessary paper out of the business processes. These are both important benefits of information technology. The finding also showed that there is a big opportunity to increase sustainability by establishing the IT policies and procedures suggested in the Quick Wins.


Francesca Furzi scored especially high in the Facilities module.  Areas of strength include their heating & cooling system, lighting and furnishings. With some minor adjustments in the areas of recycling and kitchen & catering their organization, they will well on their way to residing in truly sustainable Facilities.

“The combination of an ideal type of office building and good common-sense practices contributed to their good score for Facilities.” Anthony Gilbreath, Principal at Caelus


The Business module provided Francesca Furzi with a roadmap of the steps needed to create a solid foundation for a sustainability program.  30 specific Quick Wins opportunities were identified in this module. Once in place, their sustainability program will be well defined and easily managed. 

Next Steps

“CurrentState showed us that we were already doing a lot of the right things, however good planning will allow us to go a lot further.” Francesca Furzi, Owner. 

We plan to study our Findings Report carefully to determine which Quick Wins we should do first.  Then we will create a step-by-step implementation plan to accomplish these.” Ramon Ginah, CFO Francesca Furzi. 

Francesca Furzi will now prioritize which Quick Wins it will begin to implement.  An excellent place to start would be the Quick Wins that addressed policies and procedures.  Beginning with policies and procedures will require that the overall sustainability strategy is agreed upon and well defined.  


About the CurrentState Experience
“CurrentState is a necessity for every company that is serious about going green.”  Ramon Ginah, CFO - Francesca Furzi

About Caelus
Caelus is a sustainability consulting firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Caelus offers an extensive range of sustainability consulting services. Caelus also manages the CaelusGreenRoom sustainability blog. More information about Caelus can be found at their website: and blog:  

About Francesca Furzi
Francesca Furzi is a luxury jeweler located in Turin, Italy. The collection of Francesca Furzi is a limited edition and each piece is numbered. Produced entirely in Italy, each piece is handcrafted with passion and commitment by experienced hands.




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