Five Good Reasons Why it's Time to Apply

Five Good Reasons Why it's Time to Apply

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-Reasons why it's time to apply @SVADSI You want a creative life that matters. #WhyDSI

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Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 1:30pm

DESIGN FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION at SVA is the first MFA program in the rapidly growing field of social impact design. It was created as a path for designers who want to lead strategic work within business, government, or the nonprofit sector to solve social and environmental problems, and for people from other fields who want to master design as a process for driving positive social impact.

DSI is cross-disciplinary, and diverse. Our curriculum draws from all forms of design, communication, metrics, data visualization, international development, game mechanics, entrepreneurship, collective leadership, change models and ethics. Students have come from twenty-two countries and counting, with undergraduate degrees in design, economics, engineering, social science, anthropology, architecture and development. Our faculty members are all working professionals who are themselves leading the field of social impact in their own practices.

Join us.

We’re still accepting applications on a rolling basis. Early is better, start it now!

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