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Design for Social Innovation Newsletter: June 2017
It’s summer. School is out. Time to reflect, prepare, appreciate; to review the past and think about the year ahead.


MFA DSI Thesis Show 2017
Please join us as the MFA Design for Social Innovation Class of 2017 presents their thesis projects on the critical topics of today including: health, climate change, education, elderly care, language and much more.


Designing a Way to Measure the Impact of Design
A group of diverse funders, business leaders, and practitioners are looking to quantify the potential of social design—the application of design methodologies to solutions for complex human problems—to improve lives.


AIGA Design Leader Interview Series
For this first-ever interview series, AIGA spoke with Women Lead committee members and supporters who are stewarding in a new era of increased leadership and impact by women in design. (Increased design impact? Great for everyone.)


DSI Newsletter : February 2017
It’s the middle of winter here in New York, but at DSI it’s anything but gray and dull. Since our last newsletter, we hosted a summit measuring the impact of social design on human health, launched a collaboration with Cornell Tech University, celebrated the launch of faculty member Asi Burak’s new book, cheered as Mark Cuban became a partner in our alum’s company, and watched another cohort of first year students transformed as they learn and grow at DSI.


Social Design is the Future
The first or second question people inevitably ask us is “what are your alums doing?” “What kind of jobs do they get?”

We thought the best way to answer that questions is by showing you here, and letting you see what our graduates have to say about how they’re using what they learned at DSI to get jobs, and to excel at them.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

How DSI Alums Are Putting Social Design to Work
She came to DSI in the first class as a Fulbright Scholar, from a family devoted to social issues in Mexico City, and her dream was always to return to her native country to help its citizens.


Don't Forget to Apply
MFA DSI is for designers looking for engaging professional work that matters, for graduates in other disciplines who want to learn to harness the power of design to create positive impact, for social entrepreneurs who want the skills and knowledge to achieve their mission more quickly and fully, and for professionals who have been working in business and want to play a more central, strategic role in their industry.


Understanding and Scaling the Impact of Design

Events, Media & Communications

The Measured Summit: Measuring the Impact of Social Design on Human Health
Does human centered design lead to better health outcomes? Does it make patients smarter and more informed? Can it make health care companies more innovative and successful? Can it improve delivery of products and services? Come find out.

The Measured Summit: Measuring the Impact of Social Design on Human Health

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