Five Easy Ways To Be a Better, Greener Driver

Five Easy Ways To Be a Better, Greener Driver

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Car-sharing service Maven's EVs have saved more than 275,000 gallons of gas to date.

Friday, April 20, 2018 - 4:35pm

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With Earth Day just around the corner, we can all use a reminder of the role we play in protecting our environment and resources. Here are five easy tips and tricks you can use to help green up your commute:

Choose Your Wheels Wisely

In the market for a new or new-to-you vehicle? Make sure to consider electric vehicles. They produce only 4,455 pounds of CO2 equivalent a year per car, as opposed to gasoline cars that emit 11,435 pounds each year. But not only are EVs great for the planet, they’re pretty great for your wallet as well. Fast Company just reported that though an EV is generally more expensive to buy than its conventional counterpart, running an EV is dramatically cheaper — on average 2.3 times cheaper than gasoline vehicles nationwide. So, go ahead and save some green while being green!

…Or Think Alternatively

Why not commitment to bike to work once a week — or at least once a month. Biking to work could help cut carbon emissions from urban transportation by as much 11 percent. Looking for another reason to switch to biking? On average, bicycle commuters lose 13 pounds in their first year of cycling.

Embrace Sharing

Did you know the United States alone could save 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average commuting vehicle carried just one additional person? That’s more than 12 billion gallons of gas a year! Carpooling not your thing? Consider ridesharing. Personally owned vehicles sit idle 95 percent of the time. Look no further than Maven, whose EVs have saved more than 275,000 gallons of gas to date.

Change Your Driving Style

Hate rush hour traffic? Us too! American workers spend an average of 47 hours per year commuting through rush hour — that’s an extra 23 billion gallons of gas wasted in traffic each year. Stuck in traffic anyway? Studies have shown that you can save up 30 percent in miles per gallon due to your driving habits alone. Accelerate smoothly and slowly, drive the speed limit, maintain a steady speed and safely come to a stop — not only will your passengers thank you, but your bank account and the planet will too.

Maintenance is Key

Give your car the attention it deserves. A simple tune-up can raise your car’s fuel efficiency up to 40 percent. If you need to wash all that dirt and grime off your car, skip the at-home car wash and opt for a professional one. An automatic car wash uses less than half of what you would at home. Bonus points if you find one that boasts green cleaning products as well.  

To learn more about General Motors’ vision of an all-electric, zero emissions future click here. You can read more about how we are integrating environmental sustainability and social responsibility into every aspect of our business around the world here.

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