Financial Health in Three Countries

Financial Health in Three Countries

MetLife's Multipliers of Prosperity platform shares financial health data for the USA, Indonesia and India
A Snapshot of Financial Health in 3 Countries, from an interactive infographic by MetLife at

A Snapshot of Financial Health in 3 Countries, from an interactive infographic by MetLife at

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Understanding #FinancialInclusion by examining 3 countries' data @MetLife's Multipliers of Prosperity platform
Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 9:10am

CAMPAIGN: Financial Inclusion

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Presented by MetLife Foundation in collaboration with WSJ. Custom Studios, Multipliers of Prosperity takes a look globally at the challenges we face in confronting the issues of financial inclusion. The program dives deep into what’s working, questions what isn’t and finds the possible fixes. Most importantly, the program chronicles the triumphs of people who have taken the steps toward financial stability and the providers who have helped them reach those goals. We explore how financial stability is created, the kind of finance models that have succeeded, and innovative new channels and technology that make for smart solutions.

Financial health varies greatly around the world and cannot be understood simply by looking at traditional economic data, such as income and access to financial tools. Even in the United States, where median income is higher and access easier than in the developing countries, financial health is adversely affected by a number of factors, such as mortgage defaults. In this infographic, we take present data from three countries—the United States, India and Indonesia—to reveal that financial health is a challenge around the world.

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