An Exclusive Interview with Amway’s Jeff Terry with Ideagen CEO George A. Sifakis

An Exclusive Interview with Amway’s Jeff Terry with Ideagen CEO George A. Sifakis

by George Sifakis, Founder, CEO of
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Ideagen's George Sifakis talks to @Amway's Jeff Terry about #CSR work via @HuffPostImpact @Axelaideagen

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Amway's Global Head for Corporate Responsibility, Jeff Terry

Thursday, April 14, 2016 - 8:05am

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George Sifakis: Jeff is the global head for corporate social responsibility at Amway. The primary responsibility that he has is to develop and guide the implementation of the company’s enterprise wide corporate social responsibility strategy, where he is aligning the organizations capacity to effectively implement its social investment and innovation efforts around nutrition, entrepreneurship and overall stakeholder and community engagement. 

Jeff joined Amway in May of 2011. His career has spanned more than 18 years and prior to joining Amway, Jeff served as director associate and community engagement for Sears Holdings Corporation. He developed a company wide community engagement strategy, including redevelopment of the company foundation, virtual giving initiatives and policies, volunteerism for 300,000 employees, and non-profit partnership planning and negotiations.

Jeff, what an incredible bio. Where do we begin with how you’re impacting the world with all of the game-changing efforts at Amway?

Jeff Terry: At Amway we have a simple philosophy and we call it our vision of helping people live better lives. That’s really at the core and foundation of everything we do. We do this in part by really helping people live healthier, more confident, and more financially secure lives. We believe that through our work and our expertise and our investments we can help do that on a global scale.

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