Environmental Sustainability at Intel

Environmental Sustainability at Intel

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.@Intel's longstanding commitment to environmental #sustainability helps achieve efficiency, reduce costs, and respond to the needs of customers and community stakeholders alike http://bit.ly/2Rmv0um
Friday, July 26, 2019 - 8:00am

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Our long-standing commitment to environmental leadership helps us achieve efficiency, reduce costs, and respond to the needs of our customers and community stakeholders. We invest in conservation projects and set company-wide environmental targets, seeking to drive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, energy use, water use, and waste generation. We also work with others to apply Intel® technology to environmental challenges such as climate change and water conservation.

Building on our historical reductions in energy consumption, water use, and waste generation, we work to minimize our environmental footprint—even as Intel grows.

The Intel Code of Conduct, Climate Change Policy, Water Policy, and Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy guide our sustainability strategy and help us set goals. We work to engage all of our employees in reducing our environmental impact.

Learn more about Intel's commitment to environmental sustainability​.