Demonstrating Impact - Tips, Tricks and Tools!

Demonstrating Impact - Tips, Tricks and Tools!

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 4:30pm

CAMPAIGN: 2015 LBG Canada Annual Meeting

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Are you investing in community?  Or running a community program intended to achieve impact?  Would you like to make progress on how you communicate the value of your impact?

Join the measurement conversation! Practice techniques that illustrate change. Learn how to take the next step and decide whether a social return on investment (SROI) analysis might contribute to your measurement objectives. 

We are very excited to welcome Chris McLeod, Program Manager, Right to Play, as our special guest speaker. He will share effective techniques to measure impact among children, vulnerable communities and among stakeholders where language could be a barrier to impact measurement.

This session is being offered in conjunction with the LBG Canada Annual Meeting. All companies, community partners and social investors are welcome to participate.

Demonstrate your impact! Register today.

For more information: or call (403) 444-5683 x7 or Jennifer (416) 642-5461  x5.


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