#DardenDigest: Creating Shared Value Across the Tuna Supply Chain

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#DardenDigest: Creating Shared Value Across the Tuna Supply Chain

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.@Darden_News gets its tuna from a supplier working to improve fisheries in Indonesia http://bit.ly/1rouuXb #sustainability #seafood

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Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 10:45am

As we’ve shared in the past, Darden is passionate about preserving the oceans and the seafood we source from them, not only for the growth of our business, but also due to seafood’s role as a healthy, affordable source of protein for millions around the world. Our passion comes to life through our support of Fishery Improvement Projects that rebuild and improve the sustainability of troubled fisheries. Darden sources Yellowfin Tuna from Indonesia for Bahama Breeze and Yard House. As with all elements of our supply chain, the decision on how we source Yellowfin Tuna is important to ensure great care is being invested to improve the environmental and social impacts of Yellowfin Tuna fishing in the region.

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