Darden's Citizenship Commitment: Plate

Darden's Citizenship Commitment: Plate

Raising the Standards Behind the Food We Serve 
Darden serves more than 320 million meals a year, and our guests have come to expect that every one of those will be high-quality and delicious. Starting with our best-in-class food safety and total quality program, our innovative and talented culinary teams and experienced chefs work every day to make that a reality.
But we know that our guests’ definition of quality is evolving and expanding. More and more, they want to know what’s in the food they are eating, where it came from, how it was produced, and how it meets their dietary needs. Similarly, Darden – and our guests – are increasingly aware that there are a host of sustainability issues ingrained in the foods we serve: from the water and energy used to grow and transport the ingredients, to the standards used in their production.

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