Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative Conference (CFSI)

Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative Conference (CFSI)

Monday, September 29, 2014 - 2:45pm

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The Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) annual conference, held on September 29-30, will be addressing new techniques to ensure suppliers are doing their part in responsible sourcing from conflict-free locations. The CFSI has gathered over 200 members from seven industries to discuss the growing discussion of conflict-free sourcing and up-to-date best practices on conflict minerals.

The two-day conference will address the forthcoming European Union legislation on conflict minerals, and key points to help companies be in compliance with conflict- free sourcing, such as conflict free smelter lists, conflict minerals reporting templates, and reasonable country of origin inquiry.

Attendees of the CFSI workshop will be more informed on in-region traceability and compliance best practices. The workshop intends to give company’s up-to-date information about conflict minerals so they will be able to better assess their supply chain and foresee any disruption in future supply chain transparency issues.

Source Intelligence located in Carlsbad, CA will also be attending this workshop and revealing informative data on developments regarding conflict minerals and trends that have led to current legislation (Dodd-Frank). Source Intelligence provides supply chain intelligence and supplier performance to ensure that all suppliers are in compliance with current legislation. This is just one of many services Source Intelligence provides to companies to navigate through the complex world of suppliers and regulatory agencies. If interested, schedule a customized demo, to ask questions and state concerns you may have.


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