Chennai Goes All Out

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Chennai Goes All Out

The truck plant in Oragadam near Chennai, India, uses a comprehensive environmental protection concept. It aims to protect the climate, conserve valuable resources, and help preserve the natural environment.

The solar panel covers up to 28 percent of the average daytime electrical power need of the plant.

Boulevard within the company bordered by new planted trees and bushes.

View at a newly established vegetation area.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 8:05am

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Green benefits for mankind and nature

Since the plant went into operation in 2012, Daimler covered 40,000 m2 with vegetation and planted 16,000 trees. In this way, the company aims to preserve habitats for plants and animals.

Water as a valuable resource

The plant’s retention tank can hold 60 million liters of rainwater. The tank helps to minimize the amount of water the plant has to procure. Drinking and service water is treated in state-of-the-art filter and purification plants. The industrial wastewater is also purified and treated. The result is a wastewaterless factory, where only water-contaminating liquids are transported outside so that they can be professionally treated.

Solar energy for climate protection

With a total capacity of 3.3 megawatts, the photovoltaic systems of the Chennai plant can supply more than one-fourth of the power that is consumed during the day on average.

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