Chemical Crisis In Cape Town, South Africa

Chemical Crisis In Cape Town, South Africa

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Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 5:40pm


In a time where most of the world is taking a proactive approach to chemical safety, there are still pockets of chemical concern. According to an article published by Independent Online, Environment Minister Edna Molewa of South Africa was quoted as saying, “South Africa is being used as a dumping ground for hazardous chemicals banned in the countries that make and export them”, while she did not mention which countries were the offenders, she did express her growing concern.

The issue has risen from the fact that there is currently no legal process for making sure that that the chemicals coming into South Africa have undergone the proper safety checks. The Minister further summarized that South Africans would have to continue to delegate more sites to “contaminated land” should the problem continue, according to Independent Online.

Further concern was raised due to the World Health Organization postulating that disease as the result of chemical exposure, accounts for around 25 percent of global diseases.

Taking a proactive approach to rising chemical issues is what Edna Molewa is doing within her government. While chemical safety is everyone’s responsibility, the world as a whole should always keep this sort of issue as top-of-mind. Chemical management is a large concern for many companies that necessitates a serious solution. To find out how Source Intelligence can help you meet these demands, click here.