Can Clean Energy Be Made From CO2?

Can Clean Energy Be Made From CO2?

by RP Siegel
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Can clean energy be made from CO2? @RPSiegel investigates in this blog post from @Justmeans

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Monday, August 4, 2014 - 8:00am



What if we could take all that carbon dioxide that we have too much of and turn it into a clean energy source? Sound far-fetched? Well, it isn’t really. After all, plants do it every day. That is much of the rationale behind biofuels. Let the plants store the solar energy as sugars, starches, etc., which we then convert into things that our machinery can use (e.g. ethanol, bio-diesel).

But handling all that biomass is heavy, unwieldy and messy. What if we could skip all that and just create a fuel from CO2, using sunlight to power the process, but without relying on biological processes?

That is the idea behind Liquid Light, a company that “develops electrocatalytic technology to make major chemicals from low-cost, globally abundant carbon dioxide (CO2).  The company has over 100 patents for producing chemicals including ethylene glycol, propylene, isopropanol, methyl-methacrylate and acetic acid using carbon dioxide as a feedstock in a low-energy conversion process. The process takes in CO2, combines it with another medium which could be water, natural gas or smokestack effluents, and, using any type of energy source, produces these various chemicals.

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