Schneider Electric | We Believe That Access to Energy is a Basic Human Right

Schneider Electric | We Believe That Access to Energy is a Basic Human Right

Involving local stakeholders

Whether rolling out rural electrification capabilities using solar microgrids or installing solar lighting in remote communities, we never stop at project implementation. Our goal is to provide efficient, sustainable technologies that communities can maintain for years.

Collaboration is key to achieving this vision. To that end, our Access to Energy program actively involves local stakeholders, including residents and customers, to bring — and sustain — safe, clean electricity to communities.

These collaborative efforts include:

  • Offers and business models for the design and deployment of adequate electrical distribution offers via off-grid solutions
  • Impact investment funds for innovative local energy entrepreneurship
  • Training (both technical and business) to address local skill shortages

As proof of our commitment, we are running programs around the globe to help get electricity to the people who need it:

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