Ashoka and Schneider Electric Foundation Support Social Entrepreneurs to Tackle European Fuel Poverty

Dec 7, 2017 9:10 AM ET

In the past decade, fuel poverty has become a major challenge in Europe, where 50 to 125 million people are considered to be living in fuel poverty. One of the most serious consequences of fuel poverty is related to health. Insufficient heating affects the living conditions and health of households. Then, the poor insulation of houses, combined with inappropriate secondary heating, affects greenhouse gas emissions.

Schneider Electric Foundation and Ashoka, in partnership with Enel, gathered 15 social entrepreneurs to introduce them what’s going to happen next. After dedicated mentoring sessions, they would discuss and develop the strategy to scale the impact on combating with fuel poverty in European level.

Some of the key topics of discussion for generating new solutions for unraveling fuel poverty were: nuclear energy efficiency in the household; volunteering to construction works; power cuts and secure permanently energy supply.

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