Schneider Electric VIDEO | Helping Locals in Myanmar With 24/7 Access to Sustainable Energy and Contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal #7

Mar 20, 2018 9:25 AM ET

How do you provide efficient and sustainable electricity 24X7 for fishermen and farmers cultivating rubber trees in one of the four villages at Kenti Island? Until very recently, these four villages in Kenti Island, Myanmar, received electricity through a diesel generator owned by a private player. At that time electricity was available only for 4 hours in the night on an intermittent basis. The livelihoods of the farmers and the people in these villages depends on the reliable and continuous electricity supply.

The Department for Rural Development (DRD) of Myanmar identified 40 000 villages to be electrified through microgrids as a part of its rural electrification initiative. Schneider Electric was an active partner in this initiative as a technology and design, engineering and commissioning partner with local partners. One of them, Techno Hill Engineering, won a project from Department for Rural Development, and thus benefited from the 60% subsidy financing program backed by the World Bank to electrify one of the village at Kenti island. The 2,5-km long distribution line is powering 300 households, public buildings and several micro-businesses as well as 45 street lightings. To ensure long-lasting maintenance of the microgrid and trust with end-customers, Techno Hill trained and hired local villagers who ensure the basic maintenance of the microgrid as well as the revenue collection of pre-paid electricity by charging customer’s RFID cards.

Soon, the project will be doubled in capacity enabling more customers to connect and benefit from it such as air conditioning, powerful freezers and cold chambers for the fishermen. This project is a true example of our contribution to worldwide prosperity keeping in line with the UN Sustainability goals.

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