Schneider Electric | Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

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Schneider Electric | Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Our mission is to help businesses meet their energy challenge -keep global warming below the 2°C limit- while achieving better operational efficiency. We put ethics and responsibility at the center of our interactions with our customers, partners and suppliers, employees, and the communities where we operate. We want to be a corporate citizen and a responsible employer. In new economies, we develop solutions to provide reliable energy to the 1.1 billion people that do not have access to energy. In mature economies, we address the hundreds of millions of people living in fuel poverty.

With Innovation at Every Level, we are redefining power and automation for a new world of energy. Learn how!

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From Go Green Finalist to Schneider Electric Employee
Kanika Kapila is a 2018 Go Green global finalist and now a Schneider Electric employee in Canada. Aside from work and school, she enjoys rock climbing, swing dancing, skiing and photography. In this...
May 23, 2019 11:25 AM ET
Schneider Electric Helps City of Holland Adopt 40-year Community Energy Plan
With aspirations to be a national leader in energy efficiency and sustainability, City leaders in Holland, Michigan adopted a progressive Community Energy Plan with goals to ensure economic competitiveness, provide reliable and affordable energy and protect the environment. Watch the video to learn more from Schneider Electric...
May 21, 2019 11:10 AM ET
Schneider Electric "Go Green in the City" 2019 Competition for Students Starts Now
Schneider Electric is leading the Digital Transformation in Energy Management and Automation. We are always on the lookout for bold ideas that can shape the future of our industries and our company.  The Go Green in the City is an international case competition which focuses on developing innovative energy solutions for smarter cities. Its 2018 edition was a huge success, and now is...
May 16, 2019 12:30 PM ET
Webinar: Overcoming Roadblocks to Enterprise-wide Efficiency
May 13, 2019 10:45 AM ET
Webinar: How the Evolving Energy Market Affects Your Business
The market for corporate renewable energy is maturing.  As it does, it introduces new considerations for companies to weigh as part of their overall energy procurement strategy. New providers, new products, and new opportunities mean more complexity and potential risk—even for experienced buyers. In this webinar, sponsored by Schneider Electric, we’ll examine how this evolution has the...
May 10, 2019 1:25 PM ET