Norfolk Southern Corporation: Economic Performance

Norfolk Southern Corporation: Economic Performance

Norfolk Southern is committed to superior economic performance that generates healthy business growth, unrivaled customer service, and long-term shareholder value.

Norfolk Southern invests in technologies, track, and railroad facilities to increase freight capacity and build a stronger U.S. transportation network. The railroad partners with customers, leaders of government, economic development organizations, and suppliers to expand business opportunities, create jobs, and support safe, efficient, environmentally friendly rail service. The company promotes innovative solutions to meet the needs of customers and adapt to changing business markets.

With a performance-based approach, Norfolk Southern aims to create value for investors, customers, employees, and communities where the railroad operates.


    • Named among top 75 “Green Supply Chain Partners” by Inbound Logistics magazine

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NSSustainability Report Norfolk Southern rolled out a strategic plan in 2015 that sets targets for the company’s economic performance over five years. Developed by CEO Jim Squires, his senior management team, and the company’s board of directors, the dynamic plan is based on the core competencies of NS’ business: safety and...
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NSSustainability Norfolk Southern works with customers to develop innovative solutions to business challenges. For example, employees in our equipment planning and automotive marketing groups worked with Ford Motor Company to develop an economical and sustainable solution for shipping new Transit vans by rail. In a Ford...
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NS: An Engine of Growth
NSSustainability “Norfolk Southern works with communities to help them understand the transportation needs of a prospective industry. Our goal with customers is to work with them to ensure that the rail infrastructure is sized and configured to make them successful.” ~Jason Reiner, Assistant VP, Industrial Development...
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Norfolk Southern recognizes that the company’s long-term sustainability is connected with identifying and managing risks that could affect business outcomes — both negatively and positively. The company’s board of directors is responsible for the oversight of risk management efforts. The board works with...
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