Managing complexity, building better lives.

Managing complexity, building better lives.
AECOM's 2013 global sustainability report, titled “Managing complexity, building better lives,” takes a closer look at how the company's sustainability approach is continually evolving to improve ives.
“By focusing on delivering excellence in everything we do, we create innovative solutions that help our clients and the world at large achieve short- and long-term goals in the most sustainable ways possible,” said Michael S. Burke, AECOM president and chief executive officer.  “The work we do as a company, coupled with our corporate social responsibility efforts, provides us with the privilege of touching the lives of millions of people every day.”
The report highlights some of AECOM's 2013 accomplishments and features some of the many projects that reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability — from designing the first laboratory complex in Britain with a sustainability rating of “BREEAM Outstanding” to designing Australia’s Townsville Port Access Road, which aims to support significant regional economic development over the next 20 to 25 years.
“Every year, we develop a more robust report covering more of the issues that are important to our clients,” said AECOM’s Gary Lawrence, vice president and chief sustainability officer.  “As these reports emerge more clearly as a guidance tool across our firm, we work diligently toward our goal to become the best company in our industry to deliver sustainable outcomes to clients.”

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