Making Waves | Water News From Xylem

Making Waves | Water News From Xylem

Making Waves is a digital news site from Xylem. Although the site was launched in 2012, its history as a print magazine dates back to the 1960s.

Over the years, Xylem’s solutions have expanded to cover a wide range of technologies and industries. The company’s products and services can move, treat, analyze and monitor water, and return it safely to the environment.

Our goal is still the same: to help you solve your water challenges by sharing stories about new products, best practices and customer solutions.

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Xylem Installs First UV Cryptosporidium Barrier in Florida
A water treatment plant in Florida will soon be the first in the state to use a UV cryptosporidium barrier. Xylem will supply its advanced Wedeco LBX Series UV disinfection system to protect against cryptosporidium in West Palm Beach. Cryptosporidium is the leading cause of waterborne disease outbreaks in the US, impacting almost 750,000 people each year with potentially severe symptoms...
Oct 19, 2017 10:45 AM ET
Award-Winning Invention Could Change Drinking Water Treatment
You wouldn’t think that the graphite inside a pencil could lead to an invention that detects and removes harmful bacteria from water. But that is exactly what the 2017 Stockholm Junior Water Prize winners have done. Learn how their fast-acting system could change how water is tested and treated. Ryan Thorpe and Rachel Chang have known each other since preschool. Now 17 years old, they...
Oct 12, 2017 9:30 AM ET
Xylem’s Storm Solutions for Communities Around the World
As a leading global water technology company, Xylem has used its expertise to help communities recover from hurricanes, record rainfall and flooding. Xylem also provides solutions for pumping stations, storm water systems and emergency contingency plans that help utilities and businesses prepare for the worst. Read about some of our recent projects...
Sep 15, 2017 9:45 AM ET
4 Innovative Projects from Stockholm Junior Water Prize Finalists
The Stockholm Junior Water Prize brings together young innovators from around the world who have created new solutions to growing water challenges. This year, a record 33 countries have participated, presenting new solutions for water treatment, agriculture and water reuse. Every year, the competition draws more than 10,000 entries. Each country selects one finalist to attend ...
Aug 25, 2017 8:45 AM ET
Is Your Water Utility Prepared for Climate Change?
With extreme weather events, from flooding to droughts, some water utilities are already facing the effects of climate change. Yet many utilities are unprepared for how climate change could affect their water resources and water management. As a leading water technology provider, Xylem can help utilities increase resiliency in their operations. There are a number of challenges to...
Aug 11, 2017 9:05 AM ET