Impact Hiring

Impact Hiring

While overall unemployment levels have decreased over the past several years, economic opportunity has remained out of reach for some—including large numbers of youth. As the labor market has tightened, competition for entry-level talent has increased among employers. These factors underpin the value of impact hiring: talent practices that create business advantage through hiring and developing individuals who often face barriers to economic opportunity.

The landscape of impact hiring is changing as more companies explore this practice as a viable talent strategy. FSG—with the support of The Rockefeller Foundation and Walmart—will facilitate and support a learning community for companies and workforce partners interested in innovating and driving best practices in hiring, retention, and advancement of Opportunity Youth and other populations facing barriers to employment. 

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In the years since the Great Recession, unemployment levels have fallen across the United States, while economic growth in the country has rebounded. As a result, competition for entry-level talent is growing, and many employers are struggling with rising employee turnover. We estimate that the U.S. retail industry lost more than $9 billion to voluntary entry-level turnover in 2016. ...
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Engaging Employers: Three Lessons from Impact Hiring
A couple of weeks ago, influential employers—including T-Mobile, Gap Inc., and McDonalds*—came to New Orleans for an unprecedented gathering on jobs in the United States. Each had expressed enthusiasm for impact hiring—an approach that creates business value through hiring and investing in individuals who face barriers to...
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